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Pre-Cleanse Regenerating Chronologiste Kérastase
Youth conditioning pre-shampoo

The Kérastase Regenerating Pre-Cleanse Chronologiste is a regenerating pre-shampoo that helps fight signs of aging of the hair fiber and hair fiber.
It purifies, detoxifies and deeply cleanses the scalp and roots, removing up to 96% more pollution particles than a conventional shampoo.

Eliminates dead cells, particles of pollution from the scalp.
The scalp is toned, the hair fiber is revitalized.
It fights the signs of aging of the scalp and hair fiber.

Black gel texture that transforms into a creamy foam, infused with the Chronologiste olfactory signature with notes of rose, cedar and musk.
Feeling of well-being on application.

Suitable for hair in loss of vitality, mature, weakened, devitalized, with sensitive scalps

Targeted signs of age :

- dryness of the scalp
- sagging scalp
- scalp sensitivity
- refinement of the hair fiber

Active Ingredients :

- Hyaluronic acid: over-powerful moisturizer, intensely plumps and hydrates the scalp and hair fiber.
- Vitamin E: antioxidant, improves skin elasticity and blood circulation. Protects against external aggressions (free radicals, pollution, UV ...)
- Abyssine: repairs the lengths and gives a silky touch to the hair.
- Charcoal: detoxifies and purifies the scalp and lengths.

Mode of application :

Once a week, apply a small amount to dry scalp and roots before shampooing.
Emulsify to form a smooth foam.
Rinse carefully.
Complete the routine with the Regenerating Bath.

Capacity : 200 ml

Regenerating Pre-Cleanse, 200 ml

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