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Vitamino Color A-OX Shampoo 300 ml

Color fixing shampoo


Vitamino Color A-OX shampoo contains a professional formula enriched with UV filter, panthenol derivative and neohesperidin

which protects the hair fiber in order to enhance the color.

It gently removes residue, fixes color and enhances reflections.

The hair is shinier, softer.

Mode of use recommended by our designer hairdressers:

Distribute the shampoo evenly over wet hair.

Emulsify and leave to act for a few seconds.


We advise you to then use the Vitamino color mask for shinier hair!


300 ml

The + of Série Expert:

Série expert is committed to the environment by reducing the product by -11% plastic, saving 11 tonnes per year!

AOX vitamino color shampoo 300 ml

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