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Kérastase Cicanuit Blond Absolu Serum
Intense repair serum for sensitized blond hair

Kérastase Cicanuit Blond Absolu Serum is a restorative night care for sensitized blond hair.
It acts all night long to deeply restore the weakened fiber of blonde hair.
When you wake up, the hair is silkier and easier to disentangle.

Its formula highly concentrated in hyaluronic acid plumps the fiber to reduce breakage and limit split ends.
The serum acts as a protective shield against friction with the pillow for softer hair when you wake up.

- Light and concentrated texture
- Fresh and floral scent
- Facilitates disentangling and styling
- Disciplines frizz
- Brings shine and softness
- Does not leave marks on the pillow
- Leave-in care

After application, the hair is 74% more hydrated and 89% less brittle.
Ideal for blond hair weakened, sensitized, discolored.
For enhanced effectiveness, use the complete Blond Absolu skincare routine.

- 85% more hydration for the hair
- -93% drop during styling
- -63% breakage in the morning

Active Ingredients:

- Duo of hyaluronic acids: penetrates the fiber in depth in order to hydrate and plump it. Restores strength and elasticity.
- Edelweiss Oil: protects against daily aggressions. Antioxidant power. Nourishes the fiber and makes it softer.

Mode of application:

Apply 2 to 4 pressures on dry hair or on towel-dried hair, distributing the product over the lengths and ends.
Leave the serum on all night, its fragrance accompanies sleep and its formula does not stain the pillow.
Use as often as necessary, depending on the degree of hair fragility.

Do not rinse.

Capacity: 90 ml

Kérastase Cicanuit Blond Absolu Serum 90ml

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