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For dry hair, this nutritious shine milk acts as a thermal protector.


Designed for dry hair, this nutritious shine milk acts as a thermal protector for hair exposed to styling accessories.

1. Protects dry hair from the aggressions of brushing

2. Facilitates styling

3. Shine the surface of the hair for a double anti-dull / anti-rough action

4. The fiber is deeply nourished.

5. The hair, as if frozen, is of incomparable shine


- Royal Jelly extract to provide softness and protection, with a great wealth of nutrients (Carbohydrates, Proteins and Lipids).

- Iris Rhizome Extract for antioxidant protection and long-lasting anti-dryness results.

- Xylose: protects the hair from heat.

- Siccative Linseed oil: for intense shine and softness.

Product technology:

• Thermo-Seal glaze: smooths and shines the hair, facilitates styling.

• Linseed oil: covers the entire surface of the hair fiber for intense shine and incomparable softness.

• Iris Royal Complex: instantly detects and nourishes the driest areas of the hair and infuses micro-nutrients throughout the fiber, preventing it from drying out.

• Xylose + heat: under the action of heat, the active ingredients are sealed in the fiber while Xylose protects the hair from high temperatures.

Thermal Nectar, 150 ml

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