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The 1st material reconstructing mask for very damaged, brittle and split ends


The 1st material reconstructor mask * with the Ciment-Cylane 3 complex, for very damaged, brittle and split hair


The hair is soft, completely rebuilt from the inside. The hair is firm and visually strengthened.

Mode of application:

Apply a small amount of Masque Force Architecte to the lengths and ends. Massage, insisting on the most damaged parts. Leave on for 5 minutes then rinse thoroughly.


THE CIMENT-CYLANE3 COMPLEX: a combination of 3 exclusive active ingredients

INTRA-CYLANETM - Recreate a supportive structure to firm from inside the fiber.

PRO-KERATIN - Brings substance to the surface of the hair by filling in the micro surface cracks.

CERAMIDES - Resolden scales to restore surface cohesion to the cuticle.

RESURRECTION SEVE - Regenerative properties

Capacity: 200 ml

Force Architect Mask, 200 ml

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