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Smooth-in-motion care fondant. Fluidity - Shine - Anti-Frizz

Capacity: 200 ml

Do you spend a lot of time every morning disciplining your hair, brushing it? Do your frizz come back too quickly during the day? Do you feel like your hair is lacking in movement?

Yes ? The Discipline range is made for you!

The Fondant Fluidéaliste is designed for normal to sensitized hair, with a rather fine to medium diameter.

The Fluidéaliste melting treatment coats each fiber with a protective film, brings suppleness and nutrition and strengthens the fiber for light, soft hair, nourished without weighing down.

The metamorphosis is immediate. Once rinsed and dried, the hair is sheathed, untied, unbridled, and swaying at the right pace.


After the Fluidéaliste Bath, distribute a small amount of product over the lengths and ends, strand by strand, on washed and towel-dried hair.

Mix, leave for 2-3 minutes.

Emulsify then rinse thoroughly.

Recommended for fine to normal hair.


▪ The morpho-sheathing polymer coats each fiber in a protective film.

▪ Lipidic and softening agents provide the fiber with suppleness, nutrition and strength.

Fluidealist Discipline Fondant, 200ml

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