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Special for women: Kérastase innovation: From 3 months, 1,700 new hairs revealed

Capacity: 30x 6ml

• Instantly, the fiber is embodied.

• From 3 months, the quantity of hair per cm² is significantly increased, more than 1000 new hairs are revealed *.

• 2 in 3 users say they find thicker hair. **

• 80% of users feel their hair stronger. **

* Clinical test, mean value.

** Self-assessment on 122 users for 30 days

Mode of application:

Apply 1 bottle per day for 3 months, morning or evening, on a dry or wrung-out scalp. Fast drying.

1. Open the bottle and clip on the applicator.

2. Squeeze the applicator to deliver the treatment to the scalp.

3. Separate the stripes and apply in the

sense of the usual coi age.

4. Massage the scalp with your fingertips to distribute the treatment well and allow it to penetrate.



STEMOXYDINE®: patented molecule. High Concentration: 5%.

In association with the Complex Glycan and the texturizing polymer, the Stemoxydine® cure increases hair density.

Densifique woman 30x6 ml

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