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Cure to discipline sensitized hair

Kérastase Fluidealist Bath

Smooth-in-motion shampoo. Fluidity - Shine - Anti-Frizz


This new kind of bath consists of an optimized washing base which generates an abundant foam. More than a simple washing formula, this shampoo benefits from a major technological advance with the long sought-after feat: delicately cleansing the hair while providing it with the right dose of care, evenly, without weighing it down.

Application :

Apply to wet hair. Massage. Rinse.


Three major skincare ingredients: cationic polymer, morpho-sheathing polymers and Céramide Recherche.

Capacity: 250 ml

Kérastase Fluidealist Fondant

Smooth-in-motion treatment. Fluidity - Shine - Anti-Frizz


Ultra perfectionist, its formula also works in the register of fluidity with exceptional know-how. The metamorphosis is immediate. Once rinsed and dried, the hair is sheathed, untied, unbridled, and swaying at the right pace.

Application :

Apply to cleansed and towel-dried hair. Leave on for 1 to 2 minutes. Rinse carefully.


A morpho-sheathing polymer coats each fiber in a protective film, the lipidic and softening agents promise flexibility, nutrition and strength in the core.

Capacity: 200 ml

Fluidissime Fluidéaliste by Kérastase

Integral anti-frizz treatment. Thermo-protection - Shine - Flexibility - Movement


This opalescent milk (without rinsing) reduces friction phenomena, protects the fiber during styling and does not let itself be impressed by any frizz or rebellious hair. Brushing becomes pleasure.

Application :

Shake. Spray on dry or damp hair.


The morpho-sheathing polymer, capable of making the most indomitable frizz obey the finger and the eye. The formula optimizes the Discipline routine.

Capacity: 150 ml

Fluidealist Disciplining Cure Fine Hair

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€93.00Sale Price
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