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Color Fresh Mask Red Wella
Pigment coloring mask

Wella Color Fresh masks are temporary coloring masks to maintain your color or change your look!
Their nourishing formula with argan oil provides real care, for soft and hydrated hair.
Dare to transform your look with pepy colors!

Shade: Red

The Red shade can be applied to light blonde, medium blonde and light brown hair, or to hair already colored red, to maintain the color.
Does not work on darker hair.
Does not completely cover white hair.

Easy to apply.
Gradually and harmoniously fades.
Weekly use with visible results in 10 minutes.

Vegan formula.
Without silicones.
Without ammonia.

Mode of application :

For a temporary hair transformation:

1. Wash the hair and dry it with a towel
2. Put on protective gloves
3. Work in small sections
4. Apply liberally to each section
5. Leave on for 10 minutes, or up to 20 minutes for maximum intensity.
6. Rinse thoroughly.

Capacity : 150 ml

Color Fresh Red Wella Mask 150 ml

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