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Genesis Nutri-Fortifying Bath
For thick weakened hair with a tendency to fall out.

Fortifying anti-hair loss shampoo for fragile hair with a tendency to fall out.
Its rich formula releases an abundant lather that deeply cleanses and provides intense nutrition to dry and / or thick hair.
It gently cleanses and strengthens the hair fiber for a reduction in hair loss linked to breakage.
The hair is soft and light from roots to ends, disentangling is easier.
Enriched with ginger root and native Edelweiss cells, this formula strengthens the fiber to make it stronger, more beautiful, and healthy again.

Ideal for thick or dry hair

Gently cleanses

Reduces fall due to breakage

Detoxifies the scalp

Intensely nourishes

Facilitates disentangling

A unique combination of ginger root and native Edelweiss cells.

The ginger root protects the hair from external aggressions.
Native Edelweiss cells are known for their antioxidant properties and their ability to preserve collagen.
Edelweiss flower is nicknamed "Queen of the Mountains" for its ability to grow in the most extreme conditions.

Mode of application:
Apply the shampoo in small quantities to wet hair then emulsify.

During the first application, gently massage the scalp with your fingertips to remove particles from the scalp.
Rinse thoroughly.

Apply the shampoo a second time in the same way as the first.
The second shampoo releases a more abundant foam allowing to clean the lengths and the ends.
Rinse thoroughly.

Capacity: 250 ml

Genesis Nutri-Fortifying Bath, 250ml

27,40 €Price
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