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Sun shampoo for colored hair

Aura Botanica Radiance Essence

Hydrating Oil Mist

A unique two-phase oil with 99% natural ingredients, enriched with Samoan Coconut oil, Moroccan Argan oil and Damascus Rose floral water

that nourishes fiber, controls frizz and protects throughout the day for healthy, glowing hair.

Coconut oil from the Samoan Islands is rich in Lauric Acid, providing great protection, hydration, nutrition, flexibility and ease of disentangling.

Argan oil from Morocco brings nutrition, softness and shine to dry and dull hair


- Silicone-free, paraben-free

- 99% of ingredients of natural origin

- Ultra-light mist

- Intense nutrition 48h

- 72h anti-frizz action

- Damascus Rose Water

How to use:

- Shake to mix the two phases, spray 2 to 3 pressures on towel-dried hair, as a leave-in treatment, then style.

- For slightly sensitized hair, apply 2 finishing pressures on the lengths and ends for a soft final touch.

Capacity: 100 ml

After Sun Bath, 250 ml

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