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Ultimate sublimation and light elixir, multi-purpose sublimation treatment for colored hair.

Capacity: 100 ml

Elixir Ultime Colored Hair Care Oil nourishes, protects and illuminates colored hair.

It sublimates the radiance of the color. The hair is adorned with the ultimate tailor-made shine.

Its very rich texture forms a hydrophobic film around the fiber to fight against color fading.

Its tangy and sensual scent is a true tribute to femininity.

Mode of application:

Elixir Ultime for colored hair adapts to the hair needs of each woman.

• Before shampooing: apply Elixir Ultime to the scalp and dry hair to cleanse them of impurities and prepare them to better benefit from the benefits of Bain Kérastase.

• Before brushing: applied to towel-dried hair before drying, the Elixir Ultime treatment facilitates styling and brushing. It attaches to the fiber to nourish it deeply, giving it softness and shine

• After brushing: for finishing, Elixir Ultime is used as a light enhancing treatment.

• In daily care: a few drops every morning and the hair is protected from daily aggressions. The fiber is nourished and radiant.


The exclusive formula of this Ultimate Elixir combines Oleo-Complex technology and Imperial Tea to nourish, protect and illuminate colored hair, and enhance the radiance of color:

• Imperial Tea: the favorite tea of the Chinese royal family for a long time, Imperial Tea is a rare and precious commodity. Exceptionally rich in anti-oxidants, its anti-radical power is widely recognized.

• Corn germ oil: this active ingredient, obtained from the corn germ of Central America, has a major nutritive function and brings shine, softness and protection to the hair.

• Pracaxi oil: pracaxi is a tree native to the Amazonian regions. Its oil is recognized for its ability to improve cell renewal.

• Argan oil: used for millennia by the Berbers of Morocco, argan oil is a renowned hair care. It guarantees the protection of the hair, while preserving their flexibility and lightness.

• Camellia oil: originating in Central and Eastern Asia, this oil is extracted from the flowers of the same name. Camellia oil gives incredible shine to


Elixir Ultime L'Huile Rose, 100 ml

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